Our Team

Robert Boyer – Healthcare

Robert Boyer covers “Healthcare” Section of Nasdaq News Feed. He covers recent activity and events, from economic reports and indicators to any important news relating to individual stocks, sectors, or countries. In particular, he attempts to identify emerging trends in markets that have the potential to reward early investors with outsized gains, while keeping a keen eye on risk. He holds a BS degree in Accounting And in Finance from Northwestern University.

Address: 1301 Havanna Street
Greensboro, NC 27401

Phone: +1 336-383-6770

Email: RobertBoyer@NasdaqNewsFeed.com


Kevin Bray – Business

Kevin Bray has BS in Bio-Business (With Honors) – from The University of Texas-San Antonio, is an independent iOS developer, and blogs about Services trends and companies, the focus of his investments.
He covers “Business” Section of the Nasdaq News Feed.

Address: 81 Columbia Mine Road
Charleston, WV 25314

Email: KevinBray@NasdaqNewsFeed.com

Phone: +1 304-552-3967


Sergio Sawyer – Technology

Sergio Sawyer has a Master’s degree in economics from San Diego State University (2012), eight years of publishing experience and over a decade of cumulative investment experience. He focuses on writing about individual stocks, frequently in the services industry. He works as a mid-level executive in the insurance industry on the portfolio management side. He is an experienced stock investor, and he is eager to share my industry expertise and what he has learned about investing with others.

Address: 202 Hart Country Lane
Columbus, GA 31901

Phone : +1 706-649-5587

Email: SergioSawyer@NasdaqNewsFeed.com


Willie Aguilar – Rising Stocks

Willie Aguilar works as co-editor and covers Rising Stocks. In the past, he has written for other financial sites and published independent investment research, primarily on Trending News Companies. He trains staff on the finer points of writing, editing and getting the news out on time. He received his BBA in Accounting (With Honors) – from The University of Texas –, San Antonio. His primary focus is on the effects of activity on the market.

Address: 3922 Yorkshire Circle
Kitty Hawk, NC 27949

 Phone: +1 252-261-1692

Email: WillieAguilar@NasdaqNewsFeed.com